Android built from AppGyver project is crashed, any idea to debug or check log?

Dear Experts,

I built one android APK file from AppGyver project, and installed in android emulator.

But it is crashed after click this app. Any idea to debug or check the log?


What operating system and version of Android do you have at the moment?
The same thing happened to me, because I had a very old version both the version and the layer. Until you change devices and they work normally. You can also verify that the RAM is freed.

My app is crashing to, but only when I click the login button, which sends post request to the api

My emulator android version is Android 11.0. Face same issue after rebuild app with latest Appgyver runtime 4.5.7. any idea?

Greetings: Suddenly my normal emulator was left, I updated it to the version that is in the Google Play store. I pressed check for updates and the emulator update appeared. Since then it’s normal