Android camera does not capture photo and close camera UI


My app has a flow where you click on a UI element to open the camera. Once you take the photo pressing the ‘capture’ button, it should close, and give option to open add another photo.

This all works well in the Appgyver app. But when you install, from Google play store, onto a Android phone, the camera capture button shows feedback, but does not dismiss the camera UI and the UI element on the page does not receive the image. I don’t believe this is opening as a modal.

Any thoughts ?

Phones used are a pixel 3 and a motorola Moto G running Android 5.1.

Anybody got any thoughts on this ? It’s stopping me testing and fully releasing to the play store. Thanks.

Couldn’t reproduce the issue. Make sure you have permissions for camera and read/write storage and try building again. If the problem persists please reply here with your app id and I’ll take a deeper dive.

These are the permissions i have set

A new build yields the same problem.

My app id is 103021.

As I said, this all works fine in the sim, just not on a build.


Don’t see anything that strikes out. Going to need to dig a little. Do you mind if I build your app to my device if needed?

Please do. Let me know how you get on.

Hi @Sasu_Makinen - any thoughts ? Thanks.

Sorry for the delay over the weekend and yesterday. The issue reproduces on your app on my device. We are now investigating why this is happening.

Thanks for the update - when can i expect a response to the problem ? Thanks

Hi @Sasu_Makinen - have you any update on the cause of this issue ? Are you able to advise whether this is limited to Android ?

This has really pushed back my delivery to the play store. If I had a paying customer, rather than this being my own app, I would be in a very hard place with that client right now. Non the less, it is slowing down my iterative test and learn cycle - which frankly is the reason i want to use tools like AppGyver.

Apologies for being frank, but if I can’t get stuff like this resolved, I can’t make promises to clients because it will damage my own business.

Would welcome your thoughts on overcoming this issue.


Sorry for all the delay and issues. If you build now it should work.

Thank you. I’ll take a look.

What was the problem ?

There was a common filesystem plugin missing which was included in my initial (very basic) repro case so I missed it and couldn’t figure out what’s wrong… Yesterday I finally had a chunk of time to investigate so I found it and fixed it on your buildsettings and added the plugin to be installed when using take photos. So in the end it was a simple problem and I’m so sorry for failing to see it initially and that it took days for me to get to the bottom of this.

@Sasu_Makinen - thank you for the details.

Was this a common filesystem plugin that I should have included in my project ? If so, what is it so I and others can be sure to include in the future.


I don’t think you can access the plugins. It should’ve been automatically injected in to the build settings by using [Take photo] flow function, but it was missing from our configurations. We’ll release an updated version of it this week which should eradicate this issue from the anyone in the future. I added the plugin to your build settings manually.

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Thanks. All checks out and working okay now! Thanks for addressing the issue.