Android crashing when changing style via formula

I’m seeing a crash in Android when I change a button attribute via formula. Doesn’t happen on iOS or desktop.

Could this be something I’m doing in code or is it a known bug?

I’m trying to diagnose an android crash that doesn’t occur in ios or web - so that might be it for me -

any update on this?

I never figured out exactly what was happening. When I was getting the crash, I was setting two variables in a flow, right after one another. I found that putting a small delay between them helped two of my three buttons. But for the third one, the problem went away only after I deleted the button and recreated it.

Cheers David,

I don’t even have an android device to test it out on - and I can’t seem to find a simulator that will run the appgyver preview app - so am giving up on android for the time being!

Thanks anyway.


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