Android Play Store Issue

ok, so perhaps no change in 2 years is harsh - but a lot of the improvements have lapsed.

Regular monthly updates - gone
Active community - gone
Staying up to date with Android SDK - gone …

In terms of new features that either made building my app easier or gave me a function I didn´t have - I can´t think of one.

Overall though, its been a great journey, I´ve learnt loads and its just a shame that it hasn´t evolved to be the product it could have been.

Good luck over at flutter flow. It seems the most active part of that community is on reddit, so I´ve joined there.

Now just the painstaking job of a complete rebuild … but balanced by the excitement of so many features that I can incorporate. I love the click / double click / long press options off every component. I have these functions working here but loads of logic to do so every time I want it :slight_smile:

same issue for me here! I hope we’ll get an update on this soon before the extension deadline :frowning: I wonder if there is some way to edit the code ourselves using the apk files but I have absolutely no clue (T_T) There’s a reason I’m using a no-code platform haha

Same issue here. I can’t believe AG is not fixing this. If they do not fix it they could also officially close the whole community edition end of august, as nobody can publish Android Apps anymore.

Let’s see…

I rebuilt my app today, and I am waiting for approval, so I guess I can expect it won’t meet the new API requirements also.

This is probably the biggest issue affecting users since the last time AP didn’t update the Android API level. AND no one from AG could be asked to comment.

I really think any AP defenders are OT here.



Thank you for reporting this. We have not seen this error before, so taking into account the mentioned urgency of the deadline, we will look into this as soon as possible.


This is not an error it is a Google communicated minimum API level that AG should have known about and should be monitoring.

The same issue happened in 2018 and 2020, so it’s not new. There may be more instances, but those are the only ones I’m familiar with. There presumably were other minimum Android API deadlines that AG pushed the runtime to before it was a user concern.

I’m going to be pedantic here, and I realize you may not have the authority, but the user base is looking for the priority of “immediately” not “as soon as possible”. This is a wake management up thing and drop everything for the people needed to execute.

@AG, If you can’t hit the deadline with enough runway for people to update and push a new bundle, then you had better tell everyone now. And if you can’t, I think it’s the end of your free test bed.

This isn’t being hash, this is reality.

EDIT: Users, if you are affected, immediately request an extension from Google. Dashboard/Policy Status


I think you are shouting at an empty room where everyone else already has their bags packed. I agree with everything you say btw. Even if they do fix it, this is indicative of the planning and professionalism of the product as a whole. Things like this just don´t happen with properly managed products. And they certainly don´t happen repeatedly over the years.

See you over at flutterflow. We can all work through our rebuilds together.

Hi all,

After careful investigation, we have deducted that apps built with 4.9.72 are targeting Android 13 (API level 33), as requested by Google. The reason why you are seeing the warning is because your currently released app is targeting a lower version. So the solution to this is to actually publish a version of your app built with 4.9.72. You will continue seeing the warning even if you have uploaded the latest version to testing.

This has been additionally confirmed by the fact that newly submitted apps do not get this warning from Google Console.

tl;dr: If you see “We’ve detected that 1 of your apps is targeting an old version of Android.” - build your app with 4.9.72 and publish it.

The solution to the problem is even written in the Google Console along with the warning:


Or - as was the case for me - a disabled build on the internal testing or closed testing tracks can also cause this error. The solution is to create a new release as internal, then promote it through each level, so that there are no older versions on any of the tracks.


I’m glad that 4.9.72 targets Android 13 (API level 33), but the only versions that seem to work for my app are 4.7.36 and 4.6.36.

Other than moving away from Appgyver (already in the works), does anyone have any ideas of how to make 4.9.72 work when 4.7.36 and 4.6.36 are the only versions that compile?

Until today, 4.9.72 would only successfully build an APK, but not an AAB. I was able to successfully build today as an AAB. To me this seems very strange since if 4.9.72 wouldn’t work but did for some but now does, likely AG changed something and kept the version number the same. I sure hope that an SAP company wouldn’t break CM rules.

All I can suggest is try again today if you haven’t already.

I am compiling ABB only.

I compiled at around 10am and only the 4.7.36 and 4.6.36 worked.

Thanks for the advice and I will try again tomorrow.

I turned my web build into a capacitor app and was able to solve all of the problems, including in app payments and a much, much lighter bundle size that performs 100 times better. Let me know if you want to do it i will help.

Until it has failed 5 or so times in a row it hasn´t really failed. Its very intermittent. I know my app works but still get 50% failures…

Thank you @Phil_Evans

I compiled build 4.9.72!

You were right, its just not stable. I compiled it 5 times, it failed 4 and succeeded once.

Even upon uploading a compiled build with 4.9.72 Google is telling me that:

Does this clear / get re-evaluated after its published?

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Does this clear / get re-evaluated after its published?

Yes, it only goes away after publishing.

Yes. The error message went away after publishing. Thank you.

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I’m still getting this message with 4.9.72, AND I can’t publish because of this error (it isn’t just a warning anymore.) So…I can’t publish/update my app. Any ideas?

So, I discarded the release I had, re-submitted, and it was fine. Not sure what to take from that except Google’s detection of compliance is not consistent?