Android Play Store Issue

Until today, 4.9.72 would only successfully build an APK, but not an AAB. I was able to successfully build today as an AAB. To me this seems very strange since if 4.9.72 wouldn’t work but did for some but now does, likely AG changed something and kept the version number the same. I sure hope that an SAP company wouldn’t break CM rules.

All I can suggest is try again today if you haven’t already.

I am compiling ABB only.

I compiled at around 10am and only the 4.7.36 and 4.6.36 worked.

Thanks for the advice and I will try again tomorrow.

I turned my web build into a capacitor app and was able to solve all of the problems, including in app payments and a much, much lighter bundle size that performs 100 times better. Let me know if you want to do it i will help.

Until it has failed 5 or so times in a row it hasn´t really failed. Its very intermittent. I know my app works but still get 50% failures…

Thank you @Phil_Evans

I compiled build 4.9.72!

You were right, its just not stable. I compiled it 5 times, it failed 4 and succeeded once.

Even upon uploading a compiled build with 4.9.72 Google is telling me that:

Does this clear / get re-evaluated after its published?

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Does this clear / get re-evaluated after its published?

Yes, it only goes away after publishing.

Yes. The error message went away after publishing. Thank you.

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I’m still getting this message with 4.9.72, AND I can’t publish because of this error (it isn’t just a warning anymore.) So…I can’t publish/update my app. Any ideas?

So, I discarded the release I had, re-submitted, and it was fine. Not sure what to take from that except Google’s detection of compliance is not consistent?