Android Preview hangs up when save in Composer

Since 2 days in the Android Preview, when I save my project and it is reloaded, the Android Preview goes black screen for few seconds and hangs up.

I must to clos the App Preview and open it again.

Someone with this problem ???

(I clear the cache and data to test, but same result)

More information in the issue reporting guideline: Issue reporting guidelines

I never met this problem before, but may I ask what phone do you use? Also, make sure you don’t have a loop by mistake that uses a lot of memory to make the app crash. Check if everything is up-to-date (the AppGyver android app).

All was working fine 2 days ago with all my apps (all apps do the same thing).

I use a Redmi Note 6 Pro with Andoid 9 (all system and apps updated)

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Ok, this might be badly optimized for Redmi phones (They are not really popular, so less attention is sent to them). If you’ve got another phone such as an iPhone or a Samsung please try it on them, or install an emulator and see the differences when launching the preview app. Maybe the app was updated and something got messed up in the code?

All work again. It seems to be some delay when the new version is setted in the Android Preview App. Sometimes it seems to be slow and hangs…