Android Problem with Embedding/Caching Images

I use a couple of images in my app that should be available directly after app start without loading them from an URL (like e.g. Illustrations in the onboarding).

I did not find a way to really embed these images in the build file .apk (Is there a way?)

I solved this by caching the image URLs to the local storage with the cache function. Works fine on iOS but on Android the user is seeing a disturbing system message directly after app start saying that my App is prompting access to all media, data and fotos of the phone. I assume that a lot of users will be annoyed by an app that asks for access to their image library without any reason.

On iOS image caching works well without a system message. How do you guys deal with “embedded images” in your app?

Thank you!

Did you try to upload your images here - it should end up in the build:

For my app, I am also using the caching and can confirm that it requires this permission on Android.

I tried uploading the images to the AppGyver cloud. They show up in the Preview app but in the android build they a missing.

I use runtime 2.6.5. Maybe I miss something in the build settings so that the images are included?

Hm, I guess the AppGyver team needs to comment on that…

I started loading all images from external url because the ones I upload to appgyver NEVER show up in build. its just one of those things in appgyver that does not work

Images appear in my app. Not sure what the difference is, but this is definitely not a 100% hard fault. There are some situations where it works ok.

For my initial problem I figured out that only SVG images were a problem on Android and not showing up in the build (working on iOS). So embedding works well for PNG on my side.