Animate component for buttons


based on the new Styles lessons I have a question on button animations: From what I see, there is a default animation for buttons when they are clicked (it seems to be a fade out/fade in).
If I add an animate component to the “component tap” flow as described in the part 12 of the styles tutorial, does this replace the standard animation for clicks?

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Ummmm, you can try? :sweat_smile: However, I think it would only do the two animations one after the other.

We are meaning to redo the animations for components as they don’t work very well currently, as far as I know.

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:smiley: I am looking forward to the re-implemented animations, I gave up with animating containers as it is really buggy on Android (lots of crashes) and has undesired side effects of buttons getting lost from time to time,… (@Harri_Sarsa knows about it)

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Hi @Mevi, any news on the animations?

Nothing I can share at the moment I’m afraid :confused:

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