Animate other component on button click


I want to have a button that shows an animated popup when clicked on. The part of the popup is working perfectly, the animation is however not.

The button that reveals the popup (with a boolean pagevariable) has an “animate component” logic flow attached to button tap. The problem is that when I press the button this animation is not only applied to the container specified in the logic flow’s settings, but also to the button itself. This creates problems because the button dissapears and can cause instabilities.

How can I have the animation only applied to the specified container? Is this something I can fix or is this a problem with the logic flow itself?


(I use also use animation flows on my page logic section where it works perfectly)


i have another case where i saw something similar.

i did an animation where tapping one icon called to animate another icon (in this case, a lock. i want it to shake to show users the lock is you know, locked.) when i tap the first time, both animate. when i tap a second time, nothing happens.

i have tap logic on the lock icon to hide and show an unlock, and vice versa toggling the lock. when i toggle from unlock to lock, the icon shakes :laughing: i just have hide show logic coming from that on tap, nothing about animate. i gave up! animate, and hide/show logic flows are very buggy.

Hi, same problem here: Tap on a button shall animate another component. But on tap both (component and button) are animated.

Looks like a bug, couldn’t find a way to solve it.

@AppGyver Team Is this a known issue? I really hope there is a solution to this, as it extremely limits the animation possibilities

Thank you for any help


This has been a persistent problem. For example, we have an Edit Profile button that successfully (with the Animate logic, SlideInUp) replaces the default bio text with a container with input fields. All nice and good. But when we bind the Cancel button inside that input container to close it (SlideOutDown), it works the first time. But the second time we open the Edit Profile container, now the Cancel button is missing.

Sure, we might just end up doing it “one-way”, such as a smooth slide-in and then no animation to close. But it does seem like a glitch that has been around since at least November last year for us.

I hate to always saddle it onto individual AG team members, but perhaps, @Mevi or @Mari or someone else can speak on this? :slight_smile:

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Good news @Dominik_Greene @mac @Sonke_Petersen @Sirian_Maathuis :slight_smile: This bug that was affecting the source components also animating/changing style/visibility has been fixed in the 2.6 version of the runtime.


I am still having this bug in composer. Is 2.6 not live yet?

Hi! 2.6.X is still in public beta, so not fully out yet. You can always check the version of preview you are using when you open AppGyver Preview > Log in > Runtime version is the version you are running.

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