Animating a self build ViewComponent

I want to animate my self built Image Button. If it is clicked, it should be animated like in the video or like a button. But if i set the animation on the Finished Component outside the isolation mode, nothing happens if i click on the button. But if i set the animation in isolation mode, an animation is set, but the component on top of the animated one are getting hidden or deleted :man_shrugging:
I tried to use show component after animation, but this does not work.
Any ideas? I want the full component to be animated.

Hi! Not sure what animations you are using here, but we are moving to a different type of animation system due to the problems with the current one. Yours might be one of the problems we’re seeking to avoid.

In the meanwhile, I would recommend converting the composite component into a regular container, and seeing if animating that instead would fix the problem. Actually, I’m not sure if you can animate the whole container at all currently, as I’m not seeing any options to add animations to a container specifically, which might be the problem.