Animating Repeated Containers

Hi, so I’ve got a container that is repeated with data from an array. When I change the data in that array, the data displayed changes as expected - but it does it instantaneously. Is there a way of animating it?

To give a more concrete example, I have a scoreboard, I would like the scoreboard to animate as the leader changes, rather than just switch. An help would be gratefully appreciated!

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This is something that we’ll be rolling out with the updated runtime – essentially, you’ll be able to choose an entrance and exit animation for your list items, and then when new items appear/disappear based on the data changing, they do so with an animation.

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Cooooool… I’m guessing the new runtime isn’t coming this week though is it?

Nope, we’re in stabilization mode though so shouldn’t be too many weeks – we’ll post updates as we know more!

Can you please provide an update on this?

@Harri_Sarsa has this been implemented? Would be very handy in a scenario on my end as well.

Hi! No update as of yet, the tracker ticket Harri posted is up to date. Unfortunately the stabilization mode that wasn’t supposed to be but a few weeks took months and months, so we haven’t been able to get to the features like we hoped to with our limited resources :confused:

Did this get anywhere?

I would like this feature. What is this now?