Announcement: Prepare to confirm your account email

Hi everyone,

To improve your account security, we are introducing an extra email confirmation step in the AppGyver sign-up process. As an existing user, you will also be asked to confirm your email address.

You will be presented with the opportunity for email confirmation in Composer starting sometime this week.

What will happen:

  • You will be prompted to confirm your email when logging in to Composer.
  • At this stage, you will have the opportunity to change the email address associated with your account before confirming it.
  • Finally, we will send you an email with a link to confirm your account.

If you have any questions regarding the change, please post them in this thread. Thank you!

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Hey @Mari, how will this affect the process of changing the email, associated with the account?
Because that will make it more difficult for the time that you want to change the email and the pass of an account in order to work on someone else project (with compensation).

Hi @Dimos_Vamvourellis, the email address will have to be re-confirmed if you change it. But as long as you or the other party has access to the email used for the account, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. :slight_smile:


ok then that works! thanks

I didn’t get the email, I’ve been trying for hours

Hi @Daniel_Mesquita, sorry for the inconvenience. Did you check your email’s junk folder? Could you send me the email address you’re trying to verify and your user ID (found under “Account”) to me in a personal message?

My partner can’t confirm his account. No confimation email in junk nor inbox trails. His ID is 663415. Thanks

Hi @Juan_Ramon_Saavedra thanks for letting us know. Could you also message me with the email in question?

Hi Mari.
Thank you very much

Hi. We are still waiting without confirm account. What is the problem? Please, we need access to the projects.

Hello. We changed email and now works. Don’t know what was the problem 'cause the mail was valid.

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Hi Mari.

Would you please help to restore my account “” on Appgyver, as by no reason I can’t automatically login in to Composer anymore? While logging, I’ve got notification “Sign-in failed”. After several attempts, I clicked on the button “Forgot password?”, but didn’t get any link to my email box to restore my account. At the same time, I’m still receiving marketing materials from Appgyver, meaning that my email is in your data base and I should receive a link to restore my account while pressing on the button “Forgot password”.

I would appreciate if you may kindly help to restore my account -, as my project is about to launch.

Thank you and best regards,

Hi @hello_promo, sorry to hear that you’re experiencing difficulties logging in! We’ll look into it.

Hi @Mari, many thanks for your reply!

I would really appreciate your support to help me with logging in, using my initial account - Will wait for your help on this. Many thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Hi @Mari

Are there any news regarding an access to my initial account please -
I pressed on the button - reset password, but still haven’t got a link to my account with a password recovery.

So would appreciate to receive your feedback please. Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

After entering your projects, enter and modify your data as password change, after you change it, it will not be necessary for you to receive the email (Maybe it will arrive when you change your password and everything is in order). The notification is for everyone to update their information so they know that you are a current user, as there are many who open their accounts and leave jobs and do not open them again. When you change your password, AppGyver will know that you are a user.

Thanks for your comment @Diagonal_Movil. The thing is that I can’t log in before entering my project, as every time I get notification “Sign in failed”. Thus, I can’t enter my project page and do not have a chance to change my password in the top panel, which contains “account” menu (as per your 1st print screen).

Here is what I have on the Appgyver page before entering the project:

Any new thoughts will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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I understand :pensive:… Your case is very strange… you should escalate your case again with more AppGyver administrators, I see that they haven’t given you a solution for a long time. Have you also tried putting the page in incognito? I did some tests and on both images with different links; I requested in the red arrows where it says that I have forgotten the password, and instantly an email arrives with the instructions to change it:

IMPORTANT :point_left::

In this second image, it is where you will realize if it is the email that you are registered in AppGyver, if it says no, it is because you are not in the AppGyver database. If you are in the database, almost instantly it sends you the link to change the password and the data that you want to modify. (The image also shows the inbox when I change my password):

Thanks a lot for your advice, @Diagonal_Movil! If you know any other admin names, please kindly share, so I may send them a message as well. Thank you in advance!

So far, I found only one contact - @Mari. Copying @Mari here once again to bring attention to my case, which is still not resolved!

Coming back to our discussions: I clicked on the link “Forgot password?” several times and nothing arrived to my email box. At the same time I’m still receiving marking materials from Appgyver team that makes me think that my email account is in Appgyver database. So this is quite paradoxical situation to me((

Moreover, I’ve already sent a message to some Appgyver colleagues on LinkedIn. Hope Appgyver team will be more client-oriented on social professional platforms.

At the last, but not least, I think this should be a signal to all Appgyver’s users that one day their accounts could be also blocked without any reasons and all efforts can be ruined even on developing stage of the projects!