Any App built in AppGyver which earns >5K$ MRR?

Hello AppGyver Community :wave:

Most of my clients when i propose them a No-code tool like “AppGyver
One of the most frequently asked question i get is

  • Do you know any published app made in AppGyver which earns >5K MRR ?

To be honest, I don’t have any answer for this :slightly_frowning_face:
Does anybody know any app with >5K MRR

I read this post but i don’t know how much they earn?

Thanks in advance for your response :pray: ?

I think you are asking for commercially sensitive information.

“Please tell me what you make, if its good I can copy it”


Hi @Phil_Evans :wave:

Yes i agree…
But as you can see on twitter these days, most of the apps co-founder proudly displays their MRR
It’s one of the marketing techniques (I believe its no longer commercially sensitive information these days for co-founders at least)…

For example :-

To be precise, I work for an agency in France
We mostly work on (I hope you heard of it, another no-code tool for web applications | very popular these days).

So most of my clients who already launched their web app using bubble from us are now demanding for Mobile apps (Android, IOS Apps).

Since bubble mainly focus on web apps & it’s also possible to launch mobile apps from bubble using Native Wrappers (But we don’t wan’t to use that because its developed by 3rd parties might have privacy issues)

So we decided to test other no-code tools in the market which lead us to AppGyver.

  • As an agency most of our new clients which are mostly startups when we propose them about AppGyver One of the most frequently asked question we get is
  • Do you know any published app made in AppGyver which earns >5K MRR ?

I hope it’s clear now

Thanks Once Again :pray:

I´m not sure how your need to test Appgyver which is a technical exercise needs to extend to a commercial one?

The apps you talk of where they love to boast of their turnovers are doing so to impress their investors as much as anything. A turnover of 5k means very little if you spend 6k on advertising.

Either way, I think only a foolish person would share this information. I would also really doubt the validity of any info provided openly like this.

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Your clients asks this questions because you’ve mentioned to them you’d build an native app with AppGyver. I would not specify the no code tool, it’s your own internal process. I’d rather simply say that the app will be written in React Native, which is a highly popular JS language.
Now, those clients ask this question because they’ve never heard of AG and have doubts, which they hope you can alleviate with MRR statistics, as a “proof of concept”.


@Phil_Evans Yes i agree with your opinion
But most of the clients are ignorant / non technical guys they need to see some kind of MRR
before investing or deciding to use No-Code tool like AppGyver

Hi @Fred_Kuzyk

Thanks for the suggestion

I mean this is where you get the choice of “how do you” want to convince them. Is it by showing what other people did, or showing Your own references? In most cases, if you have a client whose requirements you sense from the very first sentences You may always have a reference that you did to show them, that this and that will be included in the final app.

I mean it is of course easier to show other complete solutions, but it might be worth it to spend some time building your own solutions. This would by the way significantly increase your performance and efficiency, as you would already have your own components that you can use.

These are just suggestions and of course not numbers, but hey, it really depends on how committed you are to turning your project/app into stable revenue.

Not to mention one final thought, in many cases an app or web app is only a perfect tool for marketing, so MRR is not the only KPI that you can point out.

Why not point out the integration with Firebase? Well-performing client engagement via push notifications or email marketing within the app? Or even if you really want to dive deep into the topic, then “big data-driven” personalizations, offers, and suggestions. I mean these are all things that a person without any deep knowledge of a no-code tool would never imagine being able to accomplish, but it is up to You to learn a tool and provide a solution for a client. Finally, as Fred pointed out, in most cases the clients do not even care how You accomplish a specific goal, but a personal note, to make them return to You, provide them always with the best, most optimized solution.

Good luck and I hope to see you in the forums more frequently. :tada:


Hi @Mihaly_Toth :wave:

Well, i agree with your suggestions :+1:

Thanks a lot.
I really love AppGyver & it’s community :heart_eyes: :


The only issue with this might be if you hit some of the AG limitations and the customer understands enough to know that plugins exist or the limitation shouldn´t be there. Then the cover story would start to unravel which leads to a lot of miss-trust.

Safer just to convince them that this MRR info isn´t available but that their requirement can be done because its technically feasible, and back that up with working demo apps, proof of concept etc.

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I understand your clients’ concern but it might be easier to show them the following news from 2021, rather than trying to convince them with MRR thing:

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Hi @Polat
Thanks :+1: