Any AppGyver + Backendless Tutorial

Hello AppGyver community,

I went through couple of forum posts for integration of backendless with AppGyver but unfortunately none of them got any answers :slightly_frowning_face: but they are also 1+ year old posts

Does anybody have any tutorial for this now?

Thanks :pray:

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Hi @pedrofarias

Thanks a lot :pray:

Avail, friend, anything can contact me…

Hi all.

I think I have a related question, I’d appreciate any input.

I have an app where I want to have two HTTP Headers with each of my various CRUD calls:

  1. Content-Type: application/json (no problem: I know how to do this)
  2. user-token: dynamic variable (I don’t know how to do this)

Is there a way to do this using AppGyver Core Data Flow Functions (Get record, get record collection, etc.) or do I need to use the installed Data Flow Function “HTTP request” to have H user-token: (a dynamic variable)?

I hope this question makes sense- sorry I have no coding experience.