Any experts available for consulting to help build an App end to end, please?

I’m looking for an expert who could help with developing an App end to end. Thanks.

The appgyver experts available for such mission are there:

If the website does not satisfy you, you can always reach out to the master of the AppGyver universe @Mihaly_Toth himself :wink:
If he has no time, let us know and we’ll clone him :robot:


Sounds great, mate. I will browse through the site and touch base in case necessary. Cheers.

Hey master (@Mihaly_Toth), I was looking at the website hoping to contact you or someone one there, but I cannot do anything more than browse along the developers there.

Are you available somehow at sometime suitable for a one-one to discuss the project and see the feasibility (if you are keen), please?


@Dimos_Vamvourellis Please can you check your website? A few functionalities no longer work.

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I would suggest @Vignesh_Rajendiran look into this topic if he has time and energy. :smiley:


@Vignesh_Rajendiran, are you available to look into this project, please?

Connect with me separately… Will reply whenever i check the form :blush:

You click on the icon then Message button: