Any tips to get the debugger working?

Hi AppGyverers!
I’m still struggling to get the debugger to connect.
I’ve read all the related forum posts but still no luck.
I’ve tried running Composer and the debugger on either Safari or Chrome on my Mac, connecting to the AppGyver app on my iPhone or browser.
I’ve made sure they’re on the same wifi and tried two different wifi’s.
I’ve rebooted both the Mac and iPhone.
At first I had iCloud private relay on. Could that make a difference?
I’ve turned this off for Mac and iPhone, but still no progress.
Does anyone have troubleshooting suggestions for this problem?


Do you have the latest version of the preview app installed?

Hi Kirill,

Thanks for replying.
Yes, latest preview app.



Is the web debugger working for you? You can access it by clicking on your name in the web preview portal and enabling “Connect to Debugger”.

Hi Kirill,
Still get “connecting” message.
I hadn’t tried that though. Nice tip.
Any other ideas?

Updated MacOS to Ventura but still no debugger


Do you have any strict security policies/firewalls enabled on your PC/browser? Anything that can be intercepting traffic or restricting connection?
You have mentioned iCloud relay, but that should not be a problem, unless they firewall all incoming connections. If you have access to any other devices, you should definitely try testing it there.

As we have not seen any problems with the debugger lately, it is difficult to estimate the problem here.

Thanks Kirill,
Tried another laptop. Worked fine.
So as you say, my Mac is intercepting traffic.
I’ll look into it. Could the anti-virus be causing this?

I really doubt that an antivirus is causing this. I would look into browser security settings and firewall rules.

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Tinkered with a few settiings.
Working now on Chrome.
Not sure what changed but appreciate your help Kirill!

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