Any tutorial of a fully designed, externally-backended app?

Hi! I’ve seen a lot of AppGyver tutorials but still haven’t found any where the app is well-designed and responsive, where it uses REST API for an external backend. Where the app is published in the stores and the web. Most of exaples I came across — various todo-lists with non-responsive design.

Are there any tutorials showing how to create a complete product with AppGyver? Would be grateful for any examples.


+1 searching for the same

Where is the appgyver marketing team???

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Would love to see the same!

I would really appreciate a complete tutorial.

I was thinking after this is taken over by SAP they have one or two people dedicated to drive the forum, template development and tutorials as this is so not active…

HELLO? ANYONE HERE? here. here. here.

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would be really nice.

Here’s a couple demos of builds ive done. LINK TO VIDEOS

This video series Appgyver as a front end and Xano as a backend