Any way to have a Sign In/Authentication offline?

I have created an app with offline capabilities of storing data in order to sync it later with internet or good signal reception, but in the middle of the day the app do not pass through the authentication/sign in page because it cannot complete the request to the backend sign in/authentication method because of the lack of internet. Is there anyway to solve this problem? Thanks, I know this is a huge forum with great support from all of us, hope I made my case clear and anyone could help me. Have a nice day!

If by having authentication “offline” you mean allowing the user to access your app without the need to call the backend via an internet connection, then all you have to do is call the function Dismiss initial view (which would probably be your sign in page) whenever no internet connection is detected (haven’t done this bit yet, so you might have to figure it out). Not sure how you would handle the actual authentication without calling a server?

Did you try storing the user token on the device? The first login would have to be made online, but then you could persist that login by caching the user token on the device for “x” amount of days.