Anyone able to create Android TV App

I have joined the Android TV beta and have checked/enabled the beta option in community section. I still have no clue how to make an Android TV app. The interface and options are exactly the same as before I joined the beta.

What am I missing?

Sorry for the long wait time! Currently, there are no Android TV specific UI components in the marketplace, but you can download the Android TV Preview app and construct your UI there, and e.g. move between tappable components with the remote. Build Service likewise is missing support, but if you want a head start, we can create builds by hand for you once you have your app working with the Preview app the way you want it to work.

This is something we’re doubling down on right now, and as the new runtime exists beta soon, we’ll bring the Android TV infra up to par with everything else. Sorry for the confusion!

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Thank you for your reply, checking to see if there is an update.

I see the Android TV App Link Here is showing an error and not available in the Play Store.

I have my app ready and wanted to test it, any was to get the Android TV App, seems it was removed from the Play Store.

Thank you for your help and service.

I’m curious about an update too since I have a video centric app that would need a TV version of it too.