Anyone able to identify the cause of this crash?

Hey there, is anyone able to identify the cause of this crash?

Seems to happen when the only javascript function in my app is run, but only ever happens on the first run, after which if I open the app again it goes through that step flawlessly… So I am assuming that it’s the cause, but reading through the error leaves me scratching my head… It all looks like a foreign language to me.

The javascript function that I’m suspicious about contains the following:

Are you using Animated component flow function? try to remove it and then test again!

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Hi, it has taken a while, but I’ve just checked, I have no flow functions related to component animation on any page and component, let alone the page this crash occurs on, and the “Animate Component” flow function has never been installed. When I have time and am back at my work computer(I’ll be out for most of today), I will attempt to screenshot my flow functions for the page and component that causes the crash.

Just a quick question… Wouldn’t a
DECODE_JSON() formula do the same task for You without the “custom javascript”?

I tend to suggest avoiding custom js as much as possible.

But the error is indeed pretty weird.