Anyone else having trouble with the debugger?

The debugger is saying my app is connected, but it isn’t showing any data as I use the app. When I clicked to refresh the debugger window (thinking maybe it stalled out somehow), I got this:

Anyone else having debugger issues right now? Or is this just me?

We rolled out the v2 release earlier today, so could be related to that, but seems to be working fine for me.

Also, note that you can access the old runtime at and!


The legacy debugger + AppGyver Legend app are working. Thank you @Harri_Sarsa!

Hey @Erin_Wagner, I could reproduce this and it will be fixed, the issue occurs when you try to go straight to or any other path like /console or /state and not go through the links on the debugger page.

I will also look into the issues you mentioned in the other thread. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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