Anyone interested in training a non-developer in 'designing' the layout in AppGyver?

For designing in AppGyver I would be so helped if an experienced AppGyver user could help me through some thought-processes and meaning of technical terms! Only for layout issues and incorporating design.

I’m a novice in building a technical product. So a lot of terminology is abracadabra to me. It is obvious that AppGyver is very handy and user friendly IF you have some knowledge of IT.

For my project the back-end and most of the logic will be taken care of by a developer (who is new to AppGyver as well so not my ideal sparring partner yet).

I am responsible for creating the screens and together we will figure out most of the logic etc.
So for that part we will manage I think.

Anyone who would care to spend some video-calls on teaching me some stuff?

Hello @Jerina,

Have you managed to go through the tutorials? Have you decided if you want Android or iOS app? If android, you can start by going through this guideline just to understand definitions of various components and recommended layout.

If you need help with design, kindly DM me and we can discuss further. I have several design samples that can quickly give you some directions and make it easier for as you learn building in AppGyver environment.


Hi @Timothy_Njeru are you still able to share those design samples. I’m learning AppGyver and I need more guidance around design. Thanks.