Anyone with GPS properly working under Android?


is there anyone who has an app with GPS tracking (e.g. track position and calculate the distance to where I have started) which works with AppGyver Preview App on Android? (2.4.24)
I dont get anything working properly on two different devices:

  • The polling flow only updates the sensor latestValue variable once
  • I cannot bind the sensor variables to a paragraph (no data is shown)
  • the GPS location flow which gives you only a single item works once but afterwards only the timestamp is updated although I am moving
    I test with the app GPSTest in parallel and the GPS itself is definitely working.



Seems like there is a bug with the “start geolocation poller” action, the values don’t seem to get populated like they should :thinking: I added it to the list to fix, in the meanwhile you can implement something like this by looping “get single value” every second or however often you like.

Thanks Mevi.
Did you try this out with an Android phone? Also with looping, I only get coordinates once but they never change when I move around.

Nope, with an iOS. You can see how the poller should work if you compare to e.g. compass. There’s a bug with geolocation that needs to get fixed.

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With my android (custom rom) I don’t get values out of the compass or gps (using preview) - is this a bigger issue?
Other apps work fine at the same time using these sensors.
@Johannes, did you create a bug ticket I can vote?


There are issues with the pollers that haven’t yet been resolved, so getting single values is the only thing that works at the moment, as far as I know.

Hey @Mevi,

you mentioned that we could build a poller on our own with the Geo location and then I guess a loop with a delay node.
How would you build this?
I tried the following:
With a press of a button, an event is fired which triggers a flow sequence in Canvas page.
There I get the geo location, write it into app variables and then have a loop with a 1s delay flow node back to geo location.
Unfortunately I had two issues:

  1. At least in my preview app, the delay node did not work?!? I have 1000ms delay but the timestamp is changing in the app constantly. Is there a known issue?
  2. The UI was not responsive anymore. May that be due to 1. or are additional button events not allowed as long as the first one is in a loop? (although it triggered separate event)

And my third question:
Is there any rough estimate for 3rd party plugins (e.g. weeks, H1 2021, next year) so that I could replace the Android GPS plugin with a better working one? (the data coming from the GPS location node is not refreshing often except timestamp and accuracy is much worse compared to what I get on the same device with the GPS Test app)

Thanks and best,


Actually I have good news for you, because we found major problems with our geolocation poller that are getting fixed (namely the settings for it where configured in a way that made no sense other than getting a single low accuracy value). We are exposing more settings and putting better defaults, these fixes should come out with 2.6.X.

I don’t know what the issue with the delay node was, or the unresponsiveness, except that probably 2. was caused by 1. if the delay node for some reason was acting odd :open_mouth: But I use delay nodes a lot so would need more investigation into why yours wasn’t working. A new delay node in a new app works for you, right? So perhaps try dragging a new delay node and setting it to different values?

As for third party plugins, as far as I’ve understood we’re finally able to start working on them next week or the week after, so the guess I would dare to give is Q2/2021 if all goes well. However maybe with the fix to the geolocation stuff these won’t be as needed for you :slight_smile:

Thank you, this sounds great!
I think the Delay issue is related to: Processing logic with multiple inputs
When do you roughly expect 2.6.X to be out? (days or weeks?)
On the 3rd party plugins, this is great news! I have great ideas where they become handy in the future. :wink:

Hmm well I know we had an internal version of 2.6.0 this week which was not good enough for release, so still a while now :smiley: We will for certain have a new version of 2.6.X in internal testing next week, but whether or not that is good enough for public release is another question. So my answer would be, next week if we get lucky, but later if not.

Sounds good, thank you! 2.6.0 got already rolled out via the Beta channels of Android and iOS but non of my apps are loading (spinning wheel) …
Looking forward to the next version!

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Just found 2.6.1 in Android beta channel and geolocation works like a charm now. :slight_smile:
Thank you!!!

@Mevi after further testing, I found two additional issues on the geo location stuff in 2.6.1, I reported them here: 2.6.1: some issues with geo location | Voters | AppGyver

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Having the same problem here, tried using forumla and direct sensor output, but values appear to be coming through as NULL.

Running Android 11, errors are appearing on the preview app.

Is it correct that the issue is it required moving before updating?


Hi! That sounds to me like the app doesn’t have location permissions. It should get you your initial location without moving, so that should not be null.

Hi Mevi - Can you please confirm that the Geolocation Pooler is now working as desired and also the GPS Location is getting updated as opposed to just storing 1st value at the time of app launch? I am having a similar issue where the GPS Location does not seem to update as I travel from one location to another … primarily the application stores the 1st value at the time of initiation and keeps showing the same value unless the app is relaunched. Appreciate if you can provide any inputs/ideas to resolve this issue? Thanks!!!

GPS is working totally fine for me, Ios and Android.