Api and http request problem

Hi, im trying to connect an api through http request but im getting some errors like

this is the api, do you know what info i should put where in the http request in order to work?

What i have done is this:

Hello Dimos,
I think you need to invert the value and header fields from your last screenshot. I believe “header” should be the name of the header and “value” the value of the header.
Have you tried like that?
Best regards,

Yes, you have your Header : Value backwards

Thank you both very much, your right about that, but unfortunately, i still get the same message, what else could it be?

What exactly is the error you are getting?

its the same as before

and even though i set up a new api similar as before it still doesn’t work

this is the new one

i moved a bit and now its seems to work but im getting this error
but on the other hand in the api tester it works for the same prameter,

now my http is configured like this:


Found it, you have to remove the {} from the user name in the url in order to work