API from rapidapi.com - REST API Direct Integration - HELP!

Hello, I’ve watched every video and read every document about how to integrate a simple API from rapidapi.com. I am baffled and frustrated. I’ve spent about 20 hours on this issue - with no luck. I’ve subscribed to the API on rapidapi.com, ran the test successfully on rapidapi.com, but cannot get the test to work in appgyver.

Base - Resource URL:



Test API call response
Status: 404
Error: Non-JSON error body.status: 404

Resource settings for Get record (GET)

Resource URL: https://api.bravenewcoin.com
Relative path: /ohlcv

What am I doing wrong?

Cheers! Gerry

You might want to re-check the api configuration. Testing the URL https://api.bravenewcoin.com/ohlcv in the browser you can see it returns a 404 error page, which is why you’re getting an error message about the API not returning JSON.

its VERY clear that you are using the incorrect “base path”.
BNC clearly references https://api.bravenewcoin.com/v3 as the path,
plus you’ve got OAuth issues to contend with.

I don’t thing your using rapidapi appropriately.

Hope this helps.
Looks like u should send your request to rapidapi.com with these headers.
Link to full documentation Here

That’s an excellent image posted. Now I clearly see what the values of the headers should be. Very helpful! Thank you very, very much.

Awesome! That’s exactly what I was looking for. This may seem easy for seasoned developers… but for the ‘newbie devs’ (not sure what new developers are called) it can be very confusing. Thanks again!

Hi Gerry Chicalo,

Perhaps you should 2 to 3 times API configuration. You can see via a browser test that the URL https://api.bravenewcoin.com/ohlcv 2 generates a 404 error page, which explains why you’re getting a notice that the API isn’t delivering JSON.
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