API Path Variables

Hi, I see in the docs where this is referenced but I cant figure out where to set one.

Has this been renamed to URL Placeholder? I tried this but can’t seem to get it to work.

I’d like to make the API Resource URL dynamic, so the user can provide the input for their particular store URL.

Yes, URL placeholder is essentially a dynamic string that gets interpolated into the actual URL, so if you define URL placeholder with key storeId, and set your base URL to:


then whatever storeId is set to will replace the {storeId} part of the URL.

Can you share a screenshot of your config? Where in the docs was API Path Variable mentioned? :thinking:

Hello Harri, hope you are well!

Here’s the reference to Path Variable in the AppGyver docs: path variables

And attached is a screenshot of my current config.

I am trying to set up the Woocommerce Connector we discussed previously that I can eventually share on the marketplace, so of course I’d like the users’ URL to be able to be dynamically set… also as shown the Woocommerce API version might be nice. When adding the URL placeholders, I tied both adding the curly brackets and without but didn’t work either way.

On a related note, I couldn’t get the HTTP Header authorization to work. According the the most recent Woocommerce API docs Woocommerce AP Authorization

“You may use [HTTP Basic Auth] by providing the REST API Consumer Key as the username and the REST API Consumer Secret as the password.”

Again, the idea is to have this be a dynamic value provided by the end user. I’m using Postman right next to AppGyver and it works there, but I wasn’t having any luck (all the above strings were hardcoded of course). But the Woocommerce Docs did mention that the keys could be send as Query parameters, and I did get this work but its not as elegant as I’d like.

Finally, just so I understand how AppGyver wants REST APIs set-up, is the idea to have a separate resource created for each API, or could this be also set as a URL placeholder (products, coupons, orders etc)? Probably not, as then the resource schemas would be very messy.


Also, quick note. I set-up the URL placeholders at the API resource Base settings but when running tests, as a user I am never even prompted to replace the strings.

Nevermind… I just figured out that you need to set the URL placeholder to NOT BE static (Dynamic) to be prompted for input… Which of course makes sense!

Alright, great! So no open questions at this point? Admittedly URL placeholders should always be dynamic – you can write a static value directly in the URL, after all – so it’s a bug that we should get fixed.

Came across this thread, and am trying to figure this out for myself. How do you change/update the URL placeholder to from the value contained in an app variable?

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did you find any solution for that?

did smb found how to change/update the URL placeholder from an app variable?

I tried to bind it there but no works.

Hi! Please show the setup of your URL placeholder and check that it’s set to not be static but dynamic instead :slight_smile: