API Post - Error: [object Response]

I used Quang Tran’s document to configure my API to Airtable. I can get the data from Airtable ok but cannot post new records.

I tried putting in response key paths (fields, records, data), I also tried using a HTTP header but no bueno.

I am using the GET schema. I did try creating a custom schema to match Airtable but that didn’t work either.

App ID = 97841

AppGyver API Config

Network Error



I noticed a number of other forum entries referencing CORS headers. Here is the log:

Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 15.45.47

First of all, you should censor your AirTable API key from future screenshots so no-one messes around with your data, and change that API key you’re currently using to a different one. :slight_smile:

The error message looks like your POST contents are not accepted by AirTable. In your AirTable API docs screenshots, there’s a link to an example on how to post a single object (“You can also include a single record object at the top level…”) – can you double-check the request schema against that still? Also, Postman is a good tool to debug HTTP requests that can be a bit faster to iterate with than the REST API configurator.

Thanks Harri. That worked.

For anyone interested:- the Airtable GET schema can be populated automatically by Appgyver, but POST and PUT need to be configured manually.

I tried configuring POST and PUT manually to match the GET schema but that was incorrect. If you click through to see the example, you’ll see the request and response schema are different:

I then configured the POST schema manually to match. Be sure to delete the id property that is created automatically in the object:

Airtable automatically creates id and createdTime so they were not needed. My final schema looked like this:

I ran the POST test with a meter called Beer. It worked:

And in my Airtable database:

Great Success!!

Did you remember to change your API key?

You bet. It’s a demo Airtable account but I changed it anyway based on Harri’s advice.