API post method with parameters into body

…Ops!, sorry I understand now :stuck_out_tongue:
So we have to develop an header with the “access-control-allow-origin: *” like mine local one.
Thanks, I 'll speak to developer and I’ll retry later. In any case I’ll update you

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Hi Mari.
We have setuped “access-control-allow-orgin” as required but there is no change. :sleepy:
:thinking: Could this problem be why we are testing API by AppGyver’s testing env?
Do you know some other solution that we could try?
…Another way, is it possible to call REST API by custom javascript?Screenshot from 2021-04-22 11-49-58

Hi, there is also a flow function node called HTTP request that you can try instead of the Data Configurator. Is the response status code still 498 or have you switched to a proper token?

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I’ve just tried the suggested node but with same results ( it goes through 3th output - error occurs while trying to make a HTTP request-) :sleepy:
My response is always 200 ,with self-signed certificate, I really don’t understand.

Hi, did you get it to work? I unfortunately don’t have any other advice than just checking the network request for something that might still be causing an error there. :confused:

Hi Mari
No, unfortunately it doesn’t work yet :pensive:
I’m trying to understand if is possible to have a normal certificate (assuming could be this the problem…) but I sow that you have also a Javascript module. Do you think could be possible to use it and fetch a JS API call as walk around solution?