API return conditional, change default error messages

how to make a conditional according to the value of the parameter received, or error code example: I want to change the standard error message of the api I’m using to another message, several formulas according to the type of error received

here is the errors that come back from the API when it gives the error

{“code”:“ERROR_CODE_INPUT_ERROR”,“message”:“Missing param: field_value”,“payload”:{“param”:“field_value”}}
{“code”:“ERROR_CODE_INPUT_ERROR”,“message”:“Invalid email format.”,“payload”:{“param”:“email”}}.
{“code”:“ERROR_CODE_INPUT_ERROR”,“message”:“Input does not meet minimum length requirement of 8 characters”,“payload”:{“param”:“password”}}

exemple: {“param”:“field_value”} “personalized message”
change default API error messages

Hi! Have you tried using the If flow function? You can find it under “UTILITY” with Delay.