API - Using "Create Record" but getting a "Method GET not allowed" error

An App I’m working on uses both Airtable and 10to8 API’s. I’ve got Airtable working fine with reading and adding data etc. But after some initial issues with the 10to8 API (getting CORS issues so can’t do anything from the dev/web environment) I manually created schemas and have that pulling info in fine.

However, I’m trying to create a record in 10to8 just as I do normally (but setting the schema manually again thanks to CORS) with other API’s but it’s not working. I’m getting a really strange error of “Method GET not allowed” even though the create a record function in Appgyver is POST…

Does anyone have any ideas???


P.S. More info on the 10to8 API call I’m using here https://10to8.com/api/booking/v2/book/