APIs in Appgyver, Troubleshooting, and About APIs in General

I made three videos (below) that help cover the basics of using the http/data resource in Appgyver for APIs, a basic overview on troubleshooting api issues with your browsers developer tools, and a basic API overview video.

Using the logic and data resources in Appgyver: How To Use The HTTP Logic And Data Resource In Appgyver - YouTube

Troubleshooting API calls with console developer tools: Troubleshooting Issues With API Calls With Browser Developer Tools - YouTube

API basics: API Basics - What They Are And How To Use Them - YouTube


What if a website dedicated to AG video tutorials was made, with a search by tags so we can find them easier than on Youtube?
Youtube videos would be embedded and assigned as many tags as concepts covered in the vid.
Does AG enable video embeddings?

Did a thread on that not too long ago. (Supported) Embedding YouTube videos in iFrame for Desktop

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I think thats possible, but Im nervous about if people would use it. As it stands, I have tons of people asking me to make videos I have already made.

Im starting to wonder how many people want help, and how many just want to see if there is a 2 minute solution to things

Where do they ask you, on Youtube or in here?

Members here would use such website if the AG team could pin the post “AppGyver video tutorials” with the url at the top of the forum, and they could also include it in their next newsletter.

It’s a fun little community project, not as challenging as the AI bot, which is done - but can’t work without GPT-4 API access (since the trained curie model on 1400 formulas gives utterly disappointing responses).
You were the one proposing a community project, why not do something that will both serve you and the community?

Mostly people ask questions on YouTube. I have a difficult time getting responses here. I also noticed most people ask questions that alteady have answers here or on youtube, so it seems its not a lack of tagging but a lack of research.

I’ve seen a few lazy people on youtube asking you to actually work for free. :joy:

I guess most people here are in there own bubble. They are not curious, don’t read posts, don’t do research. They surely can’t learn much that way. This is the problem with a free tool, it attracts all the dead flies.

There you go: since they ask questions, I still believe strongly in the AI chat bot, which will point them to the right answer better than the forum hopefully (where often one needs to read the whole conversation, which at times can be a pain).

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Well, had the idea of a community-based knowledge and resource dump with everything from a library of custom user-made icons and gradient background swatches to simple and advanced tutorials – now backed by embedded videos. Built with AG, by AG devs, for AG devs. Haven’t worked on it in a while (and Noodl has recently caught our attention for our main web app with their new open-source structure and AI implementations).

If I could be convinced that AG isn’t just spiraling down into pure nothingness by this next year, I could put the finishing touches on the AG community app and launch it… But honestly, we don’t even have a lot of the tutorial greats here anymore. The @JOHN_WORSHAM 's and @Steve_Stava 's of the community. Well, maybe… lol

Addendum: …Probably could even sell it to SAP or whatever if AG survives in the coming years.

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Not ready yet I believe? Not until mid 2024 i heard…

They’re gone for a reason. But Surface_Level does a great job with video tutorials:

I’d ready to help with classifying his video under the tags they pertain to, just we just need a good search feature with multi-select checkboxes or tags.

I think there is value in this but its harder for me to get motivation seeing the community here not being as involved. I asked in the community project post hoping to hear from more people, but it seems like for now the community is just here to do their own individual things.

You already have the motivation to make video tutorials.
I’ll have the motivation to make a web page with a search feature, if and only if I learn something new in the process, like I did with the AI bot (which is awaiting GPT-4 API access).
I envision 2 pages, one secret page where you submit your video and set all the tags, and one public page for search and viewing. Should not be that hard.

That sounds like something I could get on board with

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Since they are mostly your tutorials, I suggest you “own” the data and so create a new firebase project and a new AG project connected to it. Then whoever feels like it, can contribute by accessing the AG project.
Step 1: project setup
Step 2: Youtube url + tags input setup page - I can do.
Step 3: search setup - I can do.

Nope, they’ve launched it into a practical beta already! Once we get a GPT-4 API key, we’ll have access to additional features, but at the moment, just JS functions. Forgot a great deal of the JS I learned in years past before Appgyver, so it’s good to see some functional code in the context of our app for a refresher.

Quick and simple example if you’re interested.

Wanted to compare “password” and “repeat password” inputs to see if they match. If true, would set a group (container) with text and icon to visible and hide when not. The red arrow points to my instruction:

The code script generated for review and editing:

I’m lowkey thinking about using this to generate some JS for Appgyver too. May or may not be against TOS for Noodl.

ChatGPT4 has helped me tons already with JS functions inside AppGyver.
AI assistance in no code tools is the natural evolution for web app dev.
I’ve seen the noodl ai help to build functions flows too. I’m in their discord channel, super active and dynamic members.
SAP seems they want to move into enterprise software…

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That’s what’s up. :slight_smile: Although, I do regret that Noodl replaced their forum (same platform as this one) for Discord. Can’t stand that place.

As for SAP, my gut has been screaming that, likely, the community version of AG will have some trickle-down updates from Build Apps, but at some point, in the next year or two, it’ll probably be deprecated to consolidate all support and updates into Build Apps. Who knows? I’ll tell you, Noodl’s UI builder with Appgyver’s logic flow and variable systems merged together seamlessly…

Still trying to see if I can implement button mouseover events through JS here.

Are you between both platforms now?

Haven’t had time to test Noodl enough.
Does it follow the same reasoning as AppGyver in terms of connected nodes and variables + a few “transformation formulas”?
What are the biggest differences?
I’m thinking to rebuild the Admin for my service providers on Noodl, as AG has just screwed up 3 days of my work and I have been unable to finish that section, out of laziness due to how complicated it is to implement a few simple things.

Hey, man, haven’t been around in a good month. I did cover some of the perks of Noodl at a higher level here: What is the future of AppGyver Comunidade? - #7 by Dominik_Greene

As for “reasoning”, not exactly. I’d say State components in Noodl’s builder graph interface are closer to page variables here in terms of Boolean or styling options. But you would use actual variable nodes to store text from, say, an input. It’s very intuitive once you use it. It took about a month to rebuild most of what took almost 2.5 years here – most of that time spent waiting for solutions to issues. In Noodl, you can just build your own solutions.

I currently don’t really have a reason to continue using Appgyver in its current state – though, I’ll always remember the good times. You can find me on the Discord at @Queryous or @Querymuch. (Honestly, not sure which @username because Discord is a confusing mess to use.) Hey, maybe I’ll see you there.