App became unstable

Greetings Community I wanted to consult something that happened to me with an application that I developed in Appgyver, it turns out that as a degree project for my title of Software Developer, I made an app for a social cause, whose Frontend was developed in Appgyver and the Backend in Airtable, all perfect but in a couple of months the app started to make jumps on the screen, I tried to fix it and it stopped working. I would like to know if any of you have had something similar happen to you, I suspect that some update caused the problem, I am worried that with future developments, in the production stage the same thing will happen to me. It would be disastrous. Regards.

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@Fabian_Ortiz I’d encourage you to check to see if there are any marketplace components with updates for you to download. I know that updates to even the primary components are in there and that there have been mandatory updates over the past few months.


Hi! We had a major update from 1.X versions to 2.X versions. If your app was originally built with the 1.X version and you want to now use the 2.X version, marketplace components will need to be updated like @Erin_Wagner said :slight_smile: There are also occasionally other mandatory updates in the components that fix major bugs, so it’s good to keep these up to date.

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