App brought to foreground via URL doesn't work

It seems that the Event receiver is not triggered.
When I use URLs in the form like: sapappgyver:// the app opens correctly but the event is not triggered.

It doesn’tt work either within the SAP AppGyver Preview or with the compiled and built app.

I can’t even get the app to open. How did you do that? But yes, you are correct. The event does not trigger for me, either.

On my Android smartphone I can open my Appgyver using one of those apps that allow you to create automations by designing an event-based workflow. From here I can make the SAP AppGyver Preview open using the Data URI “sapappgyver://”

Once the app is compiled I can open it using the Data URI “myURLscheme://” and it works!

Unfortunately I can’t get the app to open at a specific page, I tried “myURLscheme://page.Page6” but the app just remains at the home screen, or at the last displayed screen (in case it’s lying in the background).

I can’t even pass information to my app, I tried “myURLscheme://page.Page6?param=value”, but I wouldn’t even know how to retrieve the passed parameters since the “App brought to foreground” event is not raised.

Please correct me if I am doing something wrong.

Thank you

Just out of curiosity, do you have the default ugly navigation enabled in your app? The reason I ask is, I do not have it enabled in my app and after studying up on how regular react native apps pass info with deep links, I have a hunch it cannot be done in appgyver without the default ugly navigation.

Well, in this particular app, yes: I’m using the default navigation bar.