App brought to foreground via URL is not working

Hello everyone. we have established third-party authentication with Auth0 a few months ago. But now the trigger App brought to foreground via URL is not working. It is not passing anything to the next flow. help, please. app id 100346. Thanks

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Having the same problem, was working yesterday.

App ID 164030

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@Harri_Sarsa @Mari @Mevi could you guys please look into this problem. We are waiting for this. Thanks a lot

Thanks for reporting, we will look into this.

@Marko_Lehtimaki Thanks for taking the action. Please let me know ASAP as you get any information about it. Thanks

I am still facing the same issue! Any update?

is there anyone who can help me with this??? PLEASE

Hi! The original issue was fixed in 2.4.27. An issue still remains with iPads – what problem are you experiencing and with what device and AppGyver runtime version?

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I am using Android 10 ( Huawei P30 Pro ). I am only testing it with the AppGyver preview App. I am using the latest runtime version. My Auth is broken also the payment mechanism is broken.

Hi! I just tested with Android using our 2.5.5 runtime (in AppGyver preview app) and App brought to foreground via URL was functioning as expected.

Here is my setup (on global canvas):
Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 12.28.10

The alert of the event’s output shows the url, path and params as expected.

If you do a similar alert, what output do you get? Or does the alert not fire at all? Are you testing in preview or on standalone (built from build service)? If you’ve only tested on standalone, does the same situation (with appgyverrn:// url) work in preview and the problem only apply to standalone?

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It is working now out of nowhere. I am happy. Thanks a lot for your time.