App bundles failing to upload on Google Play

Hi Appgyver,

When I uploaded the bundle.aab file onto Google Play, I got an error “You uploaded a file that is not a well-formed zip archive”.

I downloaded JDK files version 16.0.2 (.exe and .zip for Windows x64) from this website: Java Archive Downloads - Java SE 16. After these were installed, I set up the alias and password on Command Prompt. Then I put in the Keystore information on Appgyver and all. The builds were downloaded fine every time in the zip format (giving both .apk and .aab). I dropped just the .aab onto Google Play Console as required. But I got the same error every time as mentioned.

Please suggest a fix or investigate the issue. My app id is 280289. I selected the Runtime Version 2.12.4.


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