App controls stopped working while opening SAP HANA Cloud Services Log in Page


I am using WebView component which will navigate to a dashboard on SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) after the app page is loaded. Since a user must login before accessing the SAC, the webview is redirected to the SAP HANA Cloud Services login page first. Once the webview completed loading the above login page, app controls such as back navigation button stopped working.

Here is the URL link of the login page:

Can I have any assistance on this? Let me know if I should make a bug report for this.

Hi! Please check what sort of error you are getting, perhaps this thread and the blog post linked in the final answer may be useful? Error in crypto.subtle on iOS preview

If they are not useful, please let me know about the errors you get so we can look into this further :slight_smile:

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Hello Mevi,

We did a few number of testing and manage to figure out that the bug only happens on mobile devices which run Android OS. I read the blog post in yr reply. Since, this project is to demonstrate the low code / no code capabilities of AppGyver, we are trying not to include JavaScript coding at all. The steps to reproduce this bug are as follows simple:

  1. Have two app pages where the first page have a button to navigate to the second page.
    On the second page.
  2. Install the “Webview” component from the market.
  3. Place it on the app page.
  4. Input any SAC Dashboard URL into the webview’s URL input.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Launch the app on the android phone.
  7. Navigate to the second page from the first page.
  8. Wait until the SAP HANA Cloud Services Login page appears.
  9. On that second page, try tapping on the back icon at the top left corner of the page or use the phone back navigation button to go back to the first page. (the app will freeze)

Please follow the above steps and let me know if you couldn’t reproduce the bug.


Sorry for my lack of answer – if you could provide me an app id of a tester app where I could observe this behaviour, that would be immensely helpful.

Also if you could check what errors you get in debugger when this error happens, that would give us some more clues of what is happening. Info about the debugger here.