App crashed when "Pick datetime" component is tapped on Android phone

Hi All,

I am having a strange problem with “Pick datetime” component in that the app crashed when the date input field is tapped on Android phone but no such problem on Apple IOS.
Can someone please shed some lights to resolve this problem?

@Leon have you updated the Android Preview app to the latest version from the Google Play store?

Hi @Marko_Lehtimaki, thanks for your quick response. Yes, I updated the preview app to the latest version but it didn’t fix the problem.

It still crashes with me too on Android

Have you updated the flow functions? There was an issue with an older version that should now be fixed.

Hi @Harri_Sarsa, All flow functions already updated.

Can you check the flow function node itself that the required properties are set correctly? If it is still crashing, can you give the app ID and repro steps to the crash, to if there’s like a test account you don’t want to share here?

Hi @Harri_Sarsa,
I have done a simple datetime picker screen with an icon and 2 date & time text fields. On the flow function, I installed the “Pick datetime” component and convert the output format through JS before setting the page variable to display date/time text. Strangely it works on iPhone but not on Android phone, see below screenshot:


Hey @Leon,

Does the Android app crash when you try picking the date? If so, do you have updated and set the newly required Minimum date and Maximum date?

Hi @Kristian_Gerkman, thanks for your response and indeed Minimum date and Maximum dates are required as it is now working on the Android phone. But I am still puzzled why iPhone has no problem without updating these dates.