App crashes in AppGyver app (iOS)

I have a problem with my app that keeps crashing when I am opening it in the AppGyver app on my iPhone. It used to work fine for many weeks before. I did not work on it for a few days and now I have this problem.

What I tried so far without any success:

  • debugging does not give me any information, as the app crashes and no data is shown in the
  • other apps work for me in the appgyver app
  • I reinstalled the appgyver app and logged in again
  • I updated iOS to the latest version 14.3
  • I removed every dynamic content (variables) in my app.

This is the ID of my app if it helps: 98833.

Looking forward to your help. Thanks!


We did some fixes recently around this in the 2.4.24 release that just went out – can you try updating the AppGyver Preview version if on iOS/Android, or just refreshing and seeing if it helps?

Hi Harri, I updated the AppGyver app for iOS to 2.4.24 but it still crashes and I still see nothing in the debugger.

On it works, but I have not tried it there before.

Is there anything else I can try to make it work again on my phone?
I need to test it there before publishing it to the App Store.


I verified the crash, we will look into it.

What you can do is use the AppGyver Legend app from App Store until we get this fixed; it uses the old runtime and works with your app. Sorry for the troubles!

ok thanks for this tip. it works

Any updates on this? We seem to have the same problem, the Preview app on iOS crashes when starting our app. App ID 119192

Hi! Which version of the preview app are you using? We released a new version yesterday, does the problem happen there also?

I have a problem with my app that keeps crashing when I am opening it in the AppGyver app on my iPhone

This is the ID of my app if it helps: 290510

I also tried:
Runtime Version: 3.0.5
Runtime Version: 2.12.4

but no luck.

Anyone can assist or help me with my problem.
Thank you.


What sort of messages are you getting in debugger’s console? Introduction to debugging here.

Does the app also crash on web? What sort of messages are you getting in your browser’s developer console?

If these do not help you get forward, use the debug log flow function starting from the app launch event on global canvas to find in what part of the logic your app crashes.

Hi Mevi. I am getting the same issue with my app crashing on iOS in the Appguver app… I create a 1 page app called “Hello World” that DOES open and doesn’t crash, id 299146.

But app 296544 does crash. I tried to disconnect everything from the Global Canvas “App launched” event. I also added the Utility Debug Log to that event with the title “App launched”, but nothing appears in the debug console. I’m actively working on my app all day, so please let me know if there’s any other info I can provide.


What sort of an error are you getting in debugger or developer console when the crash happens? Please check you have initial page or tabs defined and that the initial page/tab has hide spinner attached to page mounted event. Are you using auth?

Hi Mevi,

Thank you for looking into to this. When I look at the debugger, the app crashes and disconnects so fast, I can’t see anything. I’m doing two things to try and solve this. First, I’m deleting items and logic 1 by 1 in the first app to see if that stops the crash. Second, I’m rebuilding the app, step by step, to see which feature causes the crash. It’s a very simple 4 page app.

There’s no auth being used. It uses client storage.


I have recreated most of the functionality from the app that crashed (296544) into a new app (299329), and now it doesn’t crash. I can’t explain why, but computers are like that. :slight_smile:

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Oh. That’s odd, but I’m glad you were able to work it out! :sweat_smile:

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