App crashes upon changing page

Hi, my app crushes for no reason upon changing the page, i don’t know how to debug it or where to find the problem can you please help me ? :frowning:

Roll back your app to the point it last didn´t crash and then slowly add the components added most recently.

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I also got this when testing on a device, but when i test it on an other ios device i never get it.
What is your device android or ios

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it’s an Android, the problem is the error doesn’t give any indication on how to debug the problem

Yeah i think its not your fault maybe its an appgyver bug on android because as i said im extensively testing the same app on ios and there is no such error

Hmmm not sure but I think I remember this crash coming from running logic too fast after page has mounted and Android UI not being ready for it yet? Try adding delays to the logic on that page until you get it into a state it doesn’t crash.

If it is solved with this delays, it’s an obscure issue coming from React Native State management that we haven’t been able to pin-point down yet. If you’re able to do a repro that crashes with this, that would be helpful.

Yes, apparently i added a delay before the “hide spinner” and everything worked well, i don’t know if i can do a repro, because the crash happens 1/5 of the times

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