App crashes when we iterate the attached json entries

HI Team & @Mevi

As soon as I go to the page (order details) where I would like to show all categories in the drop-down to filter the products in the order detailing page.

Please see the rest response in the attached JSON.
Response JSON.txt (20.9 KB)

We are able to repeat the attached JSON but the below formula at drop down list causes system crash

MAP(data[“GetOrderDetails1-single”].entries, {“label”:item.categoryName,“value”:item.categoryName)

“label”: “CORE_RANGE”,
“value”: “CORE_RANGE”
“label”: “CORE_RANGE”,
“value”: “CORE_RANGE”

If “data[“GetOrderDetails1-single”].entries” get iterates then the app get crashed. Please help me how to get the categories alone


Hmm not sure about your use case, but to pin-point if it is the formula causing issues, how about trying to set the values that would be in the dropdown to a page variable and display the page variable in the dropdown? That is, when the data variable has been set, use the formula to map these categories into the page variable for the drop down.

Thanks, @Mevi for the reply

Even we have tried mapping it to page variable, there even it crashes.

Hmm. Are you able to get the error from the crash from the debugger console? It might indicate what’s going on and how it could be fixed.