App crashing if using "justify content with space ..."

I have this problem that is causing the crash of my app, if i use an horizontal container with “justify content with space around them”, "between them and “with even amount of space around them” the app just crash when i open the page.
Instead if i use any other content layout it is working properly without any crash.

Hi @creix, thanks for reporting! What platform is the crash happening on and could you share a screenshot of your setup where this is happening? I couldn’t seem to get the bug to reproduce

It’s strange beacause it’s not happening always, but like 2 times out of 3 and i noticed that this probably happens more easily if i quickly open this page after i started the app.
I’m running Appgyver preview app on Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro.
What screenshot do you need, of composer or the app on my phone?

Composer screenshot or just info of what components you have inside the horizontal container, if that for some reason has something to do with the crash. :slight_smile:

Immagine 2021-06-08 131958

This is the container, inside there are two other container where i apply “justify content” with just titles inside and a list divider between the two conatiner.

After some testing, i noticed that the app crashes if my logic flow is triggered by “page mounted”, instead if i connect my flow to “page focused” everything seems working fine.
Can you explain me why i have this behavior?

Hi, what kind of logic are you executing?

You can see the difference of Page mounted and Page focused events here: Events - Composer.

I set a variable to the current time and i refresh it every minute with a delay, and connected to the set variable i have 4 ifs that set other variable based on the date

Okay, I would actually recommend to execute any time sensitive logic on the Global canvas page, because if your “page focused” or “page mounted” event gets fired a second time, the logic will run again but the first delay loop will still keep executing. Maybe that’s not an issue if it’s working fine now, just pointing out. :slight_smile:

Perfect, thanks for the tips!

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