App development

Can we use App Gyver to create a trading app. It’s for a small educational purpose than for large scale deployment. Thanks.

I’m barely scratching the surface of AppGyver but I’d say it is possible especially for small projects. After all isn’t all the apps about trading data? For a trading app you’d just make these transactions visible.

There’s this blog I’ve found, not exactly covering your need but still similar.

For a solid trading app you need a good back-end structure and real time data flow (integrations). AppGyver can be integrated with REST APIs, that’s how you can connect both back-end database and real time data to the front end. Since there’ll be lots of transactional data your database should be focused on OLTP. For a small project, Google’s Firestore (integration available for AppGyver) can handle OLTP fast, but you’d miss some OLAP capabilities.

In short, I’d say go for it :slight_smile: