App distribution and authentification

Hi community,

My app is working fine, and I want first to distribute it to a few people with the aim of testing the app, and then, to distribute it through the Apple Store and Google Play. As a novice, I have a few questions…

1 Do I need to go through Apple Store and Google Play in order to distribute my phone/tablet app, or can I distribute it directly from my website (people can download the app from my website on their phone/tablet)?

2 Do I need to install an authentification page in my app in order to make it secure and acceptable for the app stores?

And is it normal that I find my app platform preview slow (saving too)? Will it be faster when people will have their app on their phone/tablet?

Thanks community,

Hi @Nicolas_Capuano,

  1. Android: you can build your app and distribute the file to users to download to their device. A beta-testing program is also available through Google Play. iOS: you have to go through Apple Store, there is a program called TestFlight that lets you distribute the app only to beta testers at first.

  2. There is no requirement to have authentication in your app, free apps are OK too. Add an authentication if you think your app needs one! :slight_smile:

  3. The easiest way to test how the app will perform on your device is by creating an Android build and installing it on your phone. If the app is slow on the device, I would first check for: a large amount of pages, repeating components without a Recycler view, large image files, complex logic that could be simplified and complex logic with component rendering (component visibilities).

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