App dulication please can you assist?


Would you be able to assist me in duplicating the following app on my profile? I need to make a app similar with other changes.


Kind regards


Hello Ashley…

I am not in any way an official/well experienced representative… Nor am I actually one that has been using appGyver for anything more than a few weeks… And I would love for someone more knowledgeable to correct me.

As far as I know: The best guess you can have at transferring App contents to another one is by either copying/pasting it’s elements pretty much one by one or by creating your custom components of its its & bits and then transferring them similarly.

ANOTHER hacking you can do is just distribute your already made app and then rename/modify it and redistribute it under another name.

Sadly this that you mention is already in the “requested features” where you can also maybe chip in a vote to up-vote it a bit higher