App fails to load after runtime update

I just updated the AppGyver preview app (both in Android and iOS) and my app is now failing to load (only a loading spinner is shown) after it was working well before. It is also failing to launch on web (nothing happens when clicking the button).

Just downloaded the APK for the previous runtime version 2.5.12 and the app works well and everything loads. It seems that the new runtime update 2.6.3 has broken something.

Same problem. I can’t get into my app. Just a spinner.

same with me. got 2 app cant open just loading spinner

Hey @Juan_Giraldo @Chris_Duncan @IAS_Valley_Secretary, this issue is most likely due to not hiding the spinner when the page mounts/focuses - There was an issue where any and all spinners would be hidden as soon as the page was mounted, so it was now fixed.

If this issue still persists after making sure that the hide spinner flow function is ran on the pages, please let us know! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Kristian_Gerkman, I’m not sure what you mean. What exactly is fixed now?

Every time I create a new page it comes with a page mounted event linked to a hide spinner action and a page focused event which isn’t linked to anything. I checked and I haven’t changed this for any of my pages except the Login page, where I have a Page created event instead (no Page mounted or Page focused) which is linked to a hide spinner action as well as some other logic. However, this was working well with the previous runtime version, why would it stop working now?

I think the Page created and Page will unmount events are not working/deprecated. And they should/will be removed from the composer UI. But this change did not happen in this release. :thinking:

And the spinner issue that was fixed is directly related to this. Once you open a page, you need hide the spinner via a flow function. Before the fix, it was hidden automatically once the page had loaded. (which lead to weird behaviour if you wanted the spinner to show e.g. while checking if the user is already authenticated)

So what I would recommend you to do is, to change the Page created to be Page mounted instead.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey @Kristian_Gerkman, indeed, changing the event from Page created to Page mounted seems to have fixed the problem. I followed this tutorial for setting up user authentication and authorisation with AppGyver and Backendless, which I guess is not longer up-to-date. I will mark this as solved. Thanks!

I have the same problem with version 2.6.3, when compiling in this version my app crash after the login authenticating with firebase (REST API) and after several attempts I get to enter and also crash when I go from one page to another. :thinking: Version 2.5.12 works correctly.

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I still have problems, I have tried several things and I think it is related to the Spinners but also to the logic “Dismiss initial view”, my application closes immediately after reaching that point. :frowning: I’m in neutral.
Does anyone else have this problem?

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I’m new to appgyver and it’s really delaying learning and development with the preview rarely working. Sometimes now sure if or what I did wrong.

Very much harming new uses. Really don’t know if to continue with this platform.

taking almost a week now just to do the tutorial since the preview keeps failing. Can’t see my progress.

The problems with the spinners continue and I have also noticed that there are crashes on different pages that hide and show other components.

At least on Android, the visibility functionality of components seems to be completely screwed, I created a bug for this beginning of the week: