App Feasibility - Suggestions

Hello All,

I want to start by saying thank you so much for reading and commenting. I own a company that creates printed business directories for local REALTOR Associations. When COVID-19 happened and the world turned digital over night I basically went out of business. I am trying to save my business by developing an App version of our printed directories. I have no coding experience. I’ve done a little html modifications to wordpress sites but other than that I’m clueless.

I’ve tried AppyPie and can’t correctly monetize the App. I’ve tried Mag+ and it is a complete disaster, doesn’t function property at all.

My goal is to create an App that resembles Yelp but doesn’t need the extensive functionality.

Here is my idea:
Business Categories with Icons next to the Category
Select the Category and a list of Businesses Appear
Some of the Businesses have their logos included. These listings are considered to be “enhanced”
On the enhanced listings there is the ability to click on the business and have an Ad Pop-up. The ad would link to their website.
It would be great if the App users could share the business listing contact info via messages

I have a youtube video that shows the mockup of what was created with mag+

The mag+ App constantly crashes and it has terrible UI.

After looking at AppGyver I believe I can build the App with this software.
What I’m not sure of is… Do I just manually add all of the business listings or do I have to set up a database?
Is the functionality with the pop-up ads possible?

I am so desperate to save my business anyone who can help guide me would be so much appreciated. I’m also willing to pay for some assistance although I don’t have $50,000 which seems to be what most developers require :frowning: hoping this will be an adequate work around.

Thanks again for your time and assistance.

Hi @Michelle_Cole

So sorry to hear about the issues with your business due to COVID-19.

I ended up building my own app in AppGyver + Firebase for similar reasons.

What you are looking to do is feasible however you need to decide if you are going to store your data (listings) within AppGyver on in an external source.

The data storage within AppGyver is currently “use at your own risk” and should not be used for production apps (although I haven’t had any issues with it). AppGyver is planning to roll out a production ready service but I haven’t head when that will happen.

Some people have successfully used AppGyver and Airtable. This would allow you to have an app for viewing the data and you can change the data on your side within AirTable. (do a search on Airtable in the community)

If you want your app users to maintain/update their own listings you will want a more robust solution. I went with AppGyver + Firebase. This solution allows users to create accounts and access/update their data securely. I shared a post on how to that here.

Hope that helps.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Thank you very much for the info!