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do anyone know why my app icon still in default appgver icon eventhough at build setting in image assset for app icon, splash screen and notification already been set into official image for my applications. I already followed the format given.Screenshot_2020-08-11-19-19-47-67 (2)

Can you share your app id?

sure…app id :118246

I see you’ve only configured one size of the assets.

its suppose like this right…

are you saying that all need to be key in some picture?example idpi, mdpi,hdpi… also need a picture?

Yes, you have to do them all.

oh right thnk you makinen and john…I will try that on

sorry for asking again…why when I want to build apk there is some error

“error: failed to read PNG signature: file does not start with PNG signature.”

Seems like you have some faulty png.

more specifically in your launch image mipmap-hdpi

Did you rename your jpg to png?

I am having the same issue

but when I install app it shows appgyver Logo. Any body help.

I have the same problem.
It happens to me just from today, days ago I compiled and it worked correctly

App ID: 303196
Captura de pantalla 2022-02-03 a las 20.30.57

Hi! This is odd – what version did you build with? (And if you know what was the previous version that worked or when you built the last version where this worked, that would be super helpful for us to be able to sort this out)

If you’re still experiencing this, please open a bug ticket on our tracker with your app id and the version you built with and any other information you can provide.

Problem in all runtime build versions.

Hi All,

Apple developer is not releasing my app because the app icon is showing in the Apple Store the appgyver logo and in the phone my own logo, I’ve already replaced all fields with my own logo but even though when I upload the ipa in the Apple developer it is still showing the appgyver logo… I’ve already build several ipa and it is still showing the incorrect logo.
Can someone help me to replace it?

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Hi! Please create a bug ticket on the about this.

This happened to me when building with 3.4.5. I had to build with an older version get my app icon back.

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I’m facing the same issue…