App is crashing when a load of around 2500 data entries are being called through the rest api

Please help me figure this out.
I have an app with a list of around 2500 data entries being called through api
I have then loaded an advance search container after watching the sorting and filtering video provided by the appgyver team.
When I apply the changes into the sorting and filtering container. The list is not fetched and the app crashes.
I know this sounds absurd but my logic is correct hopefully.
Any member would like to look into my app would be appreciated, i will provide the app code.

Pulling in that many data entries at once is too much for a users device to handle. You need to limit how many are actually being displayed. Or if you really do need all 2500 at once for some reason, at least limit how many get loaded at the same time to try to step off the amount (by like 2-3 seconds in between each load) of stress you’re putting the app under.

Think of it like a load of laundry. If you put too many clothes in at once and add too much weight, your washing machine starts to shake and make loud noises and break. Maybe that’s a bad example lol

how do i limit the data to load?

Depends on what backend you’re using, but usually it’s something done through pagination.

Hey Juan!
Thanks for responding.
Yes, I know that a solution to this is pagination, but can you guide me on how to put pagination in appgyver?

Hi, I would recommend using the Recycler view component from the marketplace for handling such long lists to improve performance, it only renders the components on the screen and some ahead, depending on the render offset you put in.

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