App is failing to load

Unable to load application. App ID 175188

Hi, could you describe your issue with more details? Do you mean on AppGyver app or standalone build? Does the app crash or does it just show a Spinner?

If the app just shows a Spinner, the issue is likely a missing Hide spinner flow function. It’s discussed e.g. here: App not loading

my app is showing a spinner, but the hide spinner function has already been added. And of course, I already checked that. Nobody would open a ticket without first checking that common mistake.

  1. You had an internal server error a few days ago that prevented anyone from accessing direct third party authentication

  2. Yesterday, your server was also down for a few hours, bewteen 4am to 6am, Hanoi time, preventing me from logging into your mobile app altogether.

  3. After 6am, I was able to log into your mobile app. But my app is not loading. And I did not make changes between 4am and 6am. So why would it work at 3am, and not work at 6am after your server was down?

You clearly have a number of internal issues over the last few days, so I’m kindly requesting you take a look at my app. I suspect the problem is on your end (like usual).

Hi, I just checked your app. The problem was that Hide spinner flow function wasn’t attached to all outputs in the initial page. It’s fixed now :slightly_smiling_face:

The exact issue was that getting item from storage uses output 2 when the storage item isn’t found.