App keep crashing in testflight IOS

Hi, I have created an app. it is in the testflight. App seems to work fine in AppGyver preview. The app is also working partially fine in the testflight. But when I want to go to the page where i have implemented the repeated functionality. It is fetching all the pictures from DB and shows them on screen. This function is working fine in the AppGyver preview but crashing in the testflight.

Please help me with this. Thanks

Application id: 196163
Page : 26 (new_feed)

someone, please help me with this. @appgyver @Harri_Sarsa

Hey , have you found a solution for this? i am facing the same issues

No man. Still facing the issue. AppGyver team is sleeping and don’t disturb them. They won’t reply on little advance level issues. That’s pity

I figure out the reason for that
You have to remove and uninstall all Firebase Functions Like the get device token and the firebase Initialize , then the app will work with no crash .